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We often forget that the simplest ecology acts are sometimes the most effective for sustainable development.
It is, moreover, personal awareness which will drive us to reconcile profit, social equity and environmental quality.

What is meant by ecology?

The term “ecology” was coined in 1866 by German biologist Ernst Haeckel, to study humans and their environment. Nowadays, this word denotes the effects man has on his environment. The goal is to minimise human impact on it.

“Let’s take the right action to reduce our ecological footprint!”

To reduce our impact on the environment, it all starts with a few small ecological gestures which can be made on an everyday basis.

This is why we have decided to take specific action:

  • Using hybrid or electric vehicles: our employees drive vehicles with less ecological impact.
  • Less packaging: we are in talks with our suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic packaging.
  • Sorting waste: we sort all our waste and have trained our employees in recycling policies.
  • Cutting down on single-use plastics: we do not use plastic cups or cutlery.
  • Eco-friendly equipment design: we invest in eco-friendly equipment design (lower energy-consumption or certified as recycled)

These are tiny actions that, taken end to end and over a long period of time, can have real impact.

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